Paradise Retirement Hawaii
Luxury Senior Living for the Next Senior Generation
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Christian Sieber
Paradise Retirement Hawaii LLC was founded by Christian Sieber, who worked for eight years as a certified geriatric nurse in Germany.  Christian was concerned about many care situations that arose due to deficiencies in the care provided to seniors.

He was constantly looking for better solutions because of his dissatisfaction with existing models.  Christian was striving for better ways for each senior to receive the care, respect, and dignity that they deserve.  He felt seniors were entitled to the best possible after a long life of work, bearing many responsibilities and contributing so much to society.

As the founder, Christian developed several new ideas and concepts based on his experiences as a nurse and later as a nurse and businessman.  He posed many questions regarding retirement and sought answers to them.  He formed his new ideas and concepts into a vision, which ultimately matured into the five elements of the PRH model.

Research shows that baby boomers have a very different concept of retirement than previously defined.  Their high expectations and goals for retirement are consistent with the groundbreaking concepts of PRH.

PRH is geared for active seniors looking forward to a new phase in life that is fulfilling, beautiful, exciting and safe.  PRH retirement is a reward for a senior's lifelong efforts and contributions to society.  Because PRH retirement offers a quality of life that many people might not have enjoyed before, PRH intends to introduce these concepts and make them available so as many people as possible can enjoy retirement in paradise.