Paradise Retirement Hawaii
Luxury Senior Living for the Next Senior Generation
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Background on the Project
Who is PRH?
How long has PRH been in business?
Who is the developer and what is his vision about?
Where do his concepts come from?
Tell me more about the baby boomers?
Why did you choose Hawaii as a location?

Paradise at Waikiki Project and Planned Facilities
Tell me about the building layout. How many stories?
THe building looks like glass. Does each unit have a floor to ceiling glass window?
How big is a two bedroom unit?
Do you have multiple floor plans for one-bedroom units?
Do you also have studio units?
What are the common areas?
Can I bring my car? Spaces for two cars?
Tell me more about parking.
What is the purpose of the business coaches and business center?
What is in the spa?
Who is managing the kitchen?
Who is the manger?
Who is the architect?
VIP Founder Residents Club
What are the benefits of becoming a VIP?
Why is the VIP Founders Club import?
Is there a deadline for signing up as a VIP Founder?
Is there a deadline for regular residents?
How is my money secured until project takes off?
Why are you convinced that this project will take off?

Unique Elements of PRH - Waikiki
What is CLC, and how is it different than CCR?
Why does PRH include an Academy?
What specifically does the Academy provide?
Tell me about the PRH wellness program.
Is my wife becomes an Assisted Living level resident, how do you deal with the situation?
What is Interim?
How does Interim provide services?
How do you provide skilled nursing?
Memory Care?