Paradise Retirement Hawaii
Luxury Senior Living for the Next Senior Generation
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Beyond Lifelong Learning
While other senior-living facilities encourage seniors to keep learning, PRH distinguishes its Academy by engaging professional coaches to tap into the vast knowledge and expertise which seniors bring.  PRH doesn’t just focus on learning.  The key is contributing!

Seniors carry an incredible wealth of knowledge and skills, yet much of their acquired expertise remains unused.  As part of its focus on quality of life, PRH is committed to help seniors recognize the incredible value they can contribute.   Finding a sense of purpose turns retirement years into a rich, meaningful life.

PRH’s team of professional consultants and business coaches will be available to help residents explore how to use their knowledge.  The range of possibilities is endless . . . from teaching courses to mentoring young entrepreneurs to joining an advisory board to writing books or publishing websites.
Breeding Ground
PRH’s founder envisions the Academy not only as a place for continuous lifelong learning, but also as a breeding place for developing new ideas.  Imagine the power that can be unleashed when seniors bring together their decades of experience from every walk of life – from agriculture to zoology and everything in between.  With the combined expertise of academics and business people and teachers and farmers and many other backgrounds, how many new ideas are possible?  By providing an environment where these ideas can be worked on, researched and developed, PRH residents can benefit society.